Monday, February 14, 2011

Sculpture Workshop

What a wonderful weekend spent attending a Janna Pameijer workshop. Spent time with friends learning heaps about our common thread. I had been looking forward to the workshop for months though only made up my mind what I was going to attempt on Sat morning. Sat afternoon I was regretting my ambitious decision big time and overnight decided I was never going to sculpt again. By Sunday afternoon with lots of help and encouragement I think I will have another attempt, though by myself the result may be alot different. Can't wait until it is finished to show you, imagine him with manganese oxide wash. I will post another photo when he is complete providing there are no kiln disasters.

Until next time


A creative year ahead!

It is the start of a new year so I thought I would try something new, this is it.

So be patient with me I'll get the hang of it eventually, computers aren't my thing. Hopefully it won't get thrown out the window during the process.

Next week I start back at tafe part-time for a 3rd year of Ceramics, mostly for the knowledge that is around the institution. It will be great to get back amongst the energy and like minded people, hopefully it will get the creativity flowing again.

Until next time........