Saturday, October 30, 2010

Busy October

I have been part of two group exhibitions this month and so September and October have been pretty busy to say the least. Both exhibitions went well with lots of great feedback and I think quality was up on last year at our Noosa Arts and Crafts Pottery group exh "Clay Fiesta". We also had our first exh at the Pomona Railway Gallery again successful and great as it was up for a whole month. So I am relieved that Oct is just about done, hopefully a little quiet time running up to Xmas, though probably not. I would like to get a few projects that have been on the back burner underway. I have been trialing some 1190o crystalline glazes with enough success to continue with this temprature. Maybe it is the way to go use a bit less electricity better for the environment and the pocket. Guess the run up to Xmas has just been planned.

Till next time


A creative year ahead!

It is the start of a new year so I thought I would try something new, this is it.

So be patient with me I'll get the hang of it eventually, computers aren't my thing. Hopefully it won't get thrown out the window during the process.

Next week I start back at tafe part-time for a 3rd year of Ceramics, mostly for the knowledge that is around the institution. It will be great to get back amongst the energy and like minded people, hopefully it will get the creativity flowing again.

Until next time........