Monday, May 17, 2010

The ecstsy and the agony

Well upon opening the kiln of my latest crystalline firing for a minute I was really excited, then on closer inspection of the two sculptural forms great crystals shame about the bloating in the clay. Hence the ecstasyand then the agony. I have managed to get some great crystals in successive firings which is encourageing for something that is so tempremental and difficult to achieve. Just when I am about to give up something spectacular turns up. The glaze and firing cycles for them are still pretty much a mystery to me 18months into my journey of discovery. I can see why ceramic artists that choose this glaze get obsessed and it becomes the work of their lifetime. I have to say I am not there yet though getting close. Hopefully the good will start out weighing the bad in results soon, maybe I am being impatient and there is much more work to be done.

by now Wendy

A creative year ahead!

It is the start of a new year so I thought I would try something new, this is it.

So be patient with me I'll get the hang of it eventually, computers aren't my thing. Hopefully it won't get thrown out the window during the process.

Next week I start back at tafe part-time for a 3rd year of Ceramics, mostly for the knowledge that is around the institution. It will be great to get back amongst the energy and like minded people, hopefully it will get the creativity flowing again.

Until next time........